Good Food Enterprises is a brand that supports, incubates or owns social enterprises businesses that participate in the Good Food Movement . The four key elements of "good food" are: 1. Healthful, allowing people to thrive; 2. Sustainably grown, environmentally friendly; 3. Fair, building wealth for family farms; 4. Affordable, with equal access for all. These businesses help to expand the supply of local, regional and organically grown foods.

Currently approximately 1 billion people on the planet are hungry and another billion are obese. The common thread for both is a food system that produces cheap food that is mostly fast, fried and processed.  We can begin to change this by choosing to purchase our food from businesses that support organic farms and demanding more from the foods we consume.  

"It is easier to be an entrepreneur than to be a leader. Effecting real change requires both" 

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