A lack of grocery stores that carry healthy food in lower income neighborhoods in Central Ohio increases the risk of obesity and diet-related diseases for neighborhood residents. And no wonder—with fresh food far away and often out of price range, it's easier to rely on the low-cost, low-nutrition foods around you.


The Fresh Bag program addresses the critical issues of community food sovereignty and affordability of fresh, healthful foods in many Columbus neighborhoods without access to grocers and other sources of fresh food. Fresh Bags are low-cost, pre-packed bags of “the good stuff”—fresh fruits and vegetables, organic and local whenever possible—delivered to partner sites in these neighborhoods.


The Fresh Bag costs $16 and will include a combination of fresh fruits, vegetables and occassionally  whole grains, dried beans, cheese and eggs. All Fresh Bag orders are placed on-site with the partner site coordinator.


The current partner sites are listed on the left.


Payment: You may pay on-site at a partner site when you pick up your Fresh Bag using SNAP/EBT benefits, cash or credit card.


If you are interested in potentially becoming a partner site, please send an email to: mjones@goodfoodenterprises.org

Current Sites for Pickup:

Early Childhood Learning Center

Wednesdays between 11:15pm-12:45pm

2879 Johnstown Rd. 43219


Hilltop YMCA

Mondays between 5:00pm-6:00pm

2879 Valleyview Dr.

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