I co-founded Local Matters ten years ago as a response to a food system that is doing very little to make us well. It’s making our children sick, our farmer’s poor and leaving many of our communities-in-need with a lack of access to healthful and affordable foods.


The Local Matters team continues to work every day to ensure that children and adults know what healthy food is, where it comes from, how to grow it and how to cook it. They also do an amazing job of collaborating with communities to improve access to fresh, affordable good foods.


Good Food Enterprises strives to support the “missing middle” sector between the traditional worlds of government and nonprofit efforts with business  strategies that address food system transformation. These "businesses with a mission" can enhance public and nonprofit sector efforts by creating sustainable, self funded enterprises focused on values based outcomes and bottom line.

My Story

"It is easier to be an entrepreneur than to be a leader. Effecting real change requires both" 

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